Prix d’Excellence 2018 - C’est pas bien compliqué,

Credits theme produced for Mikazuki Prod.

Neo Sol OST,

Produced for Axel Rousseau, 

(final year studies project,

Ecole Pivaut, Nantes, France).

Stepan's Game's OST Main Theme,

produced for Oscar Freemantle

(English film-maker).








Les Palmes et le Couteau - French Bodysurfing movie

OST produced for Rémi Blanc and Antoine Justes

(French Film-makers).

Pink Line videoclip, shot in Chongqing (China),

by Zhuxian E 朱仙娥 and Zhang Yu Peng 张钰朋).

90's80's EP teaser,

Director/Editor : Cyril Pallus (

Lights : Steven Guermyet.